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 CWRU press release about “One Law to Rule Them All: The Radial Acceleration Relation of Galaxies

Case Western Reserve University: “Case Western Reserve University research team finds radial acceleration relation holds in all common types of galaxies


Five coordinated press releases about “Co-orbiting satellite galaxy structures are still in conflict with the distribution of primordial dwarf galaxies“:

Case Western Reserve University (me): “Nearby satellite galaxies don’t fit standard model

Rochester Institute of Technology (David Merritt): “Map of universe questioned; dwarf galaxies don’t fit standard model

Swinburne University (Duncan Forbes): “Nearby satellite galaxies challenge standard model of galaxy formation

Australian National University (Helmut Jerjen): “Milky Way debris came from galaxy collision

University of Vienna (Gerhard Hensler): “Neues ‘Geburtsszenario’ für Satellitengalaxien” (in German)

Selected reactions:


Royal Astronomical Society press release: “Do the Milky Way’s companions spell trouble for dark matter?

Based on my paper: “The VPOS: a vast polar structure of satellite galaxies, globular clusters and streams around the Milky Way”. It was picked up by a number of news sites and blogs (in various degrees of correctness), a selection of which we list below. The Finnish Astronomy Magazine “Tähdet ja avaruus” interviewed and even featured me with a photo in their print edition (see photo to the right).


Interviewed by Blog Of Schemes and Memes:

On the topic of being a PhD student.

Press release by the University of Bonn: “Kosmische Geisterfahrer” (Cosmic Wrong-Way Driver)

Based on my paper “ Making Counter-Orbiting Tidal Debris: The Origin of the Milky Way Disc of Satellites“. The press release was covered by a number of German media, including the print and online version of the local newspaper General-Anzeiger Bonn.


Press release by the University of Bonn: “Local-Group-of-galaxies study raises severe doubts as to the existence of dark matter” (in German)

Based on the paper “Local-Group tests of dark-matter Concordance Cosmology: Towards a new paradigm for structure formation“. This press release generated a lot of attention (articles in the Berliner Zeitung, Frankfurter Rundschau, der Standard and others). In addition to numerous calls by newspaper journalists for background infos and soundbites, I was interviewed for two radio programs, once together with Pavel Kroupa (for “Forschung Aktuell” in the Deutschlandfunk) and once on my own (for “Logo – das Wissenschaftsmagazin” in NDR Info).