Lighthouse Phare de Minou at Sunset

Near Brest, Brittany, France, 2010

Monument at the End of the World

[:en]Two silhouettes standing in front of a huge monument on a cliff falling off towards the Atlantic ocean. Black and white photo shot on the Pointe de Panhir close to Camaret-sur-Mer. It shows the Monument to the Bretons of Free France, known as the Cross of Pen-Hir.[:de]Zwei Silhouetten stehen vor einem großen Monument auf Klippen die steil zum Atlantik abfallen. Das schwarz-weiß Foto wurde auf der Pointe de Penhir aufgenommen, nahe bei Camaret-sur-Mer. Es zeigt das Kriegerdenkmal für die Bretonen des Freien Frankreich, bekannt als das Kreuz von Pen-Hir.

Touristscope 3 (Saint Malo, Brittany, France)

Schwarz-Weiss Portrait eines Touristskops in Saint Malo in der Bretagne (Frankreich)

Quadrants (Frankfurt) 1

Quadrants (Frankfurt) 1

Quadrants (Frankfurt) 5

Quadrants (Frankfurt) 5

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Paris's famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower, seen almost as a silhouette against the cloudy sky. The tower is flanked by the two walls of the Mur de la Paix (Wall of Peace), an art pavilion on the opposite end of the Champs de Mars. A Metro-sign typical for Paris shot next to the famous and very romantic bridge Pont Neuf over the city's river Seine. The picture even includes the Eiffel Tower in the background. Looking from the Pont Neuf between two lanterns along the Seine, onto the Louvre and the Pont des Arts in front of spectacular clouds in the sky. View over the Seine river onto houses and trees along the Quai d'Orleans on the Ile Saint-Louis in Paris. View of the river Seine, a boat, the bridge Pont au Double and the towers of the Notre Dame Church in Paris. The Pont au Double leading onto the Ile de la Cite, next to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Personal website of Marcel S. Pawlowski, astronomy postdoc (at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH) and passionate black and white photographer.


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