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I am happy to receive interview requests about my work or related topics (in either English or German). Preferentially by email, but in more urgent cases you can also call me, send me a message on Twitter, or contact me via Skype. All my relevant contact details are compiled here.

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Press releases, articles, and interviews covering my scientific work.


Press releases by AIP (and also Paris Observatory) about a new series of papers on the accretion history of dwarf galaxies surrounding the Milky Way: “A Radically New View on Dwarf Galaxies Surrounding the Milky Way“.

Press release by AIP about International Astronomical Union Symposium 379 Dynamical Masses of Local Group Galaxies organized by me: “Galaxies put on the scales at IAU Symposium in Potsdam“.


Press Release by ESA on our paper about the Milky Way Dwarf Galaxies: “Gaia reveals that most Milky Way companion galaxies are newcomers to our corner of space

Inspired e.g. this YouTube video (>90k views).

Press release by the Klaus Tschira Stiftung: “Marcel S. Pawlowski, der Astrophysiker, bei „Sechs Fragen an…“

Press release by AIP: “Virtueller Vortrag: Babelsberger Sternennacht” announcing my virtual public talk.


Press release by AIP: “Grant for research on satellite galaxies

Press release by Leibniz Gemeinschaft announcing results of Leibniz Competition funding my new Junior Research Group.

Press release by AIP: “Schwarzschild Fellow Marcel Pawlowski receives Klaus Tschira Boost Fund


Press release about our PRL paper “Radial acceleration relation of ΛCDM satellite galaxies

University of Bonn: “A galactic test will clarify the existence of dark matter

I was interviewed about this work by Inverse.

Coordinated press release about our Science paper “A whirling plane of satellite galaxies around Centaurus A challenges cold dark matter cosmology

University of California, Irvine (me): “Distant galaxy group contradicts common cosmological models, simulations

University of Basel (Oliver Müller): “Astronomie: Rotierendes System von Satellitengalaxien wirft Fragen auf

Australian National University (Helmut Jerjen): “New study challenges popular theory about dwarf galaxies

ESO Blog (interview with Federico Lelli): “Little Galaxies, Big Mysteries – Federico Lelli on what dwarf galaxies tell us about the cosmological model

Selected articles:

English: Scientific AmericanLos Angeles Times, Ars TechnicaForbes,, Gizmodo, New Scientist, Sky & TelescopePopular Science, Astronomy.comDaily Mail, Physics World, Cosmos Magazine, Newsweek, The Australian, The Conversation.

International: Spektrum der WissenschaftNZZWelt der Physik, N-TV, Hamburger Abendblatt (German) ABC, El Confidencial , Investigacion y Ciencia (Spanish), Le Figaro, Futura Sciences (French)

Video explanation by Oliver Müller and Federico Lelli.


 CWRU press release about “One Law to Rule Them All: The Radial Acceleration Relation of Galaxies

Case Western Reserve University: “Case Western Reserve University research team finds radial acceleration relation holds in all common types of galaxies


Five coordinated press releases about “Co-orbiting satellite galaxy structures are still in conflict with the distribution of primordial dwarf galaxies“:

Case Western Reserve University (me): “Nearby satellite galaxies don’t fit standard model

Rochester Institute of Technology (David Merritt): “Map of universe questioned; dwarf galaxies don’t fit standard model

Swinburne University (Duncan Forbes): “Nearby satellite galaxies challenge standard model of galaxy formation

Australian National University (Helmut Jerjen): “Milky Way debris came from galaxy collision

University of Vienna (Gerhard Hensler): “Neues ‘Geburtsszenario’ für Satellitengalaxien” (in German)

Selected articles:


Royal Astronomical Society press release: “Do the Milky Way’s companions spell trouble for dark matter?

Based on my paper: “The VPOS: a vast polar structure of satellite galaxies, globular clusters and streams around the Milky Way”. It was picked up by a number of news sites and blogs (in various degrees of correctness), a selection of which we list below. The Finnish Astronomy Magazine “Tähdet ja avaruus” interviewed and even featured me with a photo in their print edition (see photo to the right).


Interviewed by Blog Of Schemes and Memes:

On the topic of being a PhD student.

Press release by the University of Bonn: “Kosmische Geisterfahrer” (Cosmic Wrong-Way Driver)

Based on my paper “ Making Counter-Orbiting Tidal Debris: The Origin of the Milky Way Disc of Satellites“. The press release was covered by a number of German media, including the print and online version of the local newspaper General-Anzeiger Bonn.


Press release by the University of Bonn: “Local-Group-of-galaxies study raises severe doubts as to the existence of dark matter” (in German)

Based on the paper “Local-Group tests of dark-matter Concordance Cosmology: Towards a new paradigm for structure formation“. This press release generated a lot of attention (articles in the Berliner Zeitung, Frankfurter Rundschau, der Standard and others). In addition to numerous calls by newspaper journalists for background infos and soundbites, I was interviewed for two radio programs, once together with Pavel Kroupa (for “Forschung Aktuell” in the Deutschlandfunk) and once on my own (for “Logo – das Wissenschaftsmagazin” in NDR Info).